Dinner with Trixie

Dinner with Trixie is a hit with readers! Here are just a few of the reviews coming in.

"I just finished Trixie. What a journey! I couldn't put it down, partly because I know the author, but mostly because it kept me engaged. A difficult, discouraging, important read, and yet hopeful. You did a brilliant job of unpacking racism and its pain and danger, and our history and it's legacy. Well done!" 

"Just finished Trixie. What an important book. It took me in and occupied my mind and I couldn't do much else... You are a sorcerer, and you're clairvoyant ways are palpable..."

Dinner with Trixie is available through Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and other book retailers worldwide!

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I was deeply touched by this book. The author openly bares her soul and shares her happiness, pain, hope, frustration and acceptance of a love that goes beyond our worldly imagination. I found this story so profound and I was so touched by her words. She has a lovely way of expressing her emotions and drawing the reader into the story so beautifully. I think this is truly a story for the ages and should be read with an open mind and open heart. Janice Pryor shows us that there are things we may not understand but by accepting them those things can truly touch our lives.



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