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The time has come to have intelligent conversations about impossible things.

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Words and images have been an active part of my existence since the age of three! After thirty plus years of professional employment in politics and media, now I devote my full attention to writing and art. This blog is devoted to commentary on these activities and related issues, starting with the publication of my first book, White Roses...a memoir, a love story before and after death. I am one of a growing number of people in secular life who know "life" doesn't end with "death," but continues in a transformational reality. It's a reality becoming more widely known to everyday people through books, websites, research, scientific inquiry and individual testimony. Hard to ignore.

The majority of people who know me will either roll their eyes as they read this or will be shocked. Where did this come from?

My career in politics and media doesn't match someone who was born with a veil over their face, with the blood of three races running through her veins, in a family of two cultures, where having "the gift" was taken very seriously. At the age of three I demonstrated my abilities. I saw my Uncle George, who died long before I was born at the age of twenty-one from tuberculosis. We had a conversation that took decades for me to "hear" and understand.

I led this double life. One side of me responded to the times I was born into, inspired by Bobby Kennedy and the passion of the sixties that exploded, fueled by rage, injustice, and despair in 1968. I did advance work, strategic planning, policy development, television production, editorial journalism, radio talk show hosting and producing, free lance video producing, speech writing. I spend a brief time in Washington, D.C., served as a legislative aide, administrative aide, and on the side, there was as someone said, "Janis' little psychic thing."

Strap yourselves in! No less than once a month, I will take you on a journey into my anomalous world of words, images, opinions, observations and my contact with the afterlife and other aspects of my little psychic thing.

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