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White Roses - A Memoir

Janis grew up with special gifts that her grandparents did not stifle. Imagine being able to not only be aware of a person’s true intent, but what troubled them, what they needed help with. Now jump ahead several years. What was she to do when promptings she started receiving were about someone she hadn’t met, the man with the wonderful hair? After asking a friend to find out some specific information to find out who the man was, Janis found out herself through a chance meeting while walking her dogs. His name was Tony. The random meetings continued, raising more questions, especially when Tony revealed he had waited twenty years to meet her. They were drawn together but remained distant, neither wanting to intrude on the other but at the same time knowing they were meant to be together.

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Dinner with Trixie

Dinner With Trixie is a contemporary novel about avenging the historical sin of racism through the interactions of two very wealthy and powerful white families, the Grants from the South and the Capwells from the North. They have radically different views of integrity, loyalty, honesty and courage. It is a modern parable with stinging relevance to this moment in our national history.

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Victoria's Family

To the outside world, the African-American family of Bob and Catherine Pittman seems to be a loving, successful couple with two children. Christopher is a budding architect and fiercely protective of his little sister, Victoria. She is a charming, precocious twelve-year-old, unusually smart, and not at all what she appears. Victoria has a carefully guarded secret, about who and what she is that changes the lives of everyone around her, a secret that leaves her father dead, her Uncle David astounded, and her mother, clinging to her sanity. "Aunt" Sidney is the only one perfectly at ease with all this.


An elegant, mysterious man appears, Charles Solomon. He knows Victoria's secret and the resistance she faces at home. He vows to remove anyone standing in the way of Victoria's wish to attend his school and make them pay dearly, killing them if necessary. With the assistance of a special stuffed rabbit, a stuffed owl, and several beings from another planet who've watched over Victoria's life since its inception, we see her claim her destiny.

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